CDB program

cdb is the frequent itemset based dataset summarization program used for our KDD'08 paper, Succinct Summarization of Transactional Databases: An Overlapped Hyperrectangle Scheme, by Yang Xiang, Ruoming Jin, David Fuhry, and Feodor F. Dragan. ( http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1401890.1401981 ). You may use or modify this code for any purpose, provided that you properly cite our paper in publication.

We have released a CDB version 2, which allows the choice between generating normal, maximal, or closed frequent itemsets. For more information, see README.txt in the source code archive.

Program source code: cdb_version_2.zip

(Older program source code: cdb_version_1.zip)

Datasets: cdb_datasets.zip