Welcome to Scalable Computer Architecture & Emerging Technologies Laboratory (SCALE)! This lab is in the Department of Computer Science at Kent State University. The main focus of this lab is on research and education in the broad area of parallel and distributed computing systems, algorithms, data structures, and emerging technologies such as Internet of Things. Regarding the area of scalable computer architecture, the primary focus of current research is on synchronization. Dr. Sharma studied heavily in the past transactional memory, a new synchronization technique for multicore architectures that avoids many limitations of traditional lock-based synchronization techniques. Dr. Sharma and his group, along with the collaborators, is currently trying to extend this concept to non-volatile memories, GPUs, and distributed multi-core systems. Regarding the area of emerging technologies, the primary focus of current research is on efficient mobility tracking in sensor networks, coordination and planning in robotics, and processing IoT data streams in a distributed setting. This lab also has interest in several other problems that arise in both sequential and distributed settings. These problems of interest can be found on Research section.