Some Interesting/Useful Links

A short description of Computer Science; due to Professor A. Ruttan.

Using ssh on Windows (from UCSF)

An Introduction to Linux.

What is Computer Security?

A short survey of Computer Security.

A short intro to Sympy, a Symbolic Math package in/for Python

An Introductory Lecture on Security (restricted access).

A tongue-in-check explanation of the Internet.

An Introduction to Cryptology

Watch out for that ATM!

One of the dangers of RFID Technology

Information about Multics.

Eric Levenez has some cool charts giving the history of Unix, Windows and some Programming Languages.

Professor Richard Ford's (Florida Institute of Technology) site on malware, information security, etc.

An introduction to Modular arithmetic and Public Key cryptography.

Slides for a brief Intro to Cryptology by Matt Bishop.

Another proof of the Harrison-Rizzo-Ullman result.

The NIST AES standard.

The Rijndael proposal.

An explanation of Rijndael.

Some explanatory slides on Rijndael.

An introduction to Security in OS, as presented 11/13/2006 (access restricted to KSU)

A tutorial on Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

My dissertation (FWIW)

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