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GeometryEditor: A Tool for Interactive Plane Geometry and Mathematics Education on the Web

The GeometryEditor is implemented in XHTML, SVG, and Javascript (ECMAScript). In the early stages of development, the software was known as GeoSVG (See article one and article two). We think GeometryEditor is a better name.

GeometryEditor is compatible with standard Web technologies and can be easily integrated into any Web-based system for teaching/learning plane geometry. The GeometryEditor software is under development. We welcome your testing and feedback so we can remove bugs and make improvements. GeometryEditor is freely available for educational, research and non-commercial purposes.

Download GeometryEditor software package (updated 4/1/08).


GeometryEditor has been deployed on the Web for easy access so we can obtain wide-spread feedback for our continued efforts in improving the tool.

It is free to join GeoSite. GeoSite allows users to interactively build geometry manipulatives, save them on the GeoSite, and share them with other users of GeoSite. The on-Web manipulatives can be included in any Web page by simple HTML code that is also generated for you.

We hope you'll give it a try. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.