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On Going Activities


  • Paul Wang has posted a new blog entry titled A Web-based Mathematics Formula Editor for NSDL EV on 10/12/2010. See the blog post

  • Paul Wang's WME seminar presentation on HTML5 and WME September 21, 2010. See the the presentation slides in pdf.

  • Su Wei has a grant from Content Math Training Camp and Doctoral Programme at CICM (Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics) 2010, Paris, France (July 5-10), to give a presentation on ``MathPASS: A Remedial Mathematics System with Automated Answer Checking'' and a demo of MathEdit. Links: CMTC+DP@CICM 2010 and the talk schedule.

    Su Wei's post conference report--- I come back to Lanzhou from CICM2010 conference yesterday. It is an active and very good conference. Many researchers on mathematics knowledge management (MKM), computer algebra (CA), computer-based mathematics education attended the conference. It's very good to intercommunicate with them. I also met many friends of yours during this conference. Prof. James Davenport, Dongming Wang, Paul Libbrecht, Stephen Watt want me to say hello to you for them. The attachment are two pictures (one, two) which were taken in the conference.

    Su Wei and Prof. Dongdai Lin also met with Prof. Norbert Kajler in Paris. Here is a picture.

  • We are starting an Expert Voices Blog for the WME group. Members of our group may visit that Blog and also request to join as a contributor.

  • Michael Mikusa--WME research and funding directions, WME seminar presentation and discussion, March 2, 2010

  • Paul S. Wang--Colloquium on Overview of WME, Department of Computer Science, Akron University, March 4, 2010.


  • April 1, 2009: The WME group will make an overview presentation of WME research to Dr. J. Wing (NSF CISE Diretor) who is visiting the CS Department at Kent State University on that day. Dr. Wing will also give a talk on computational thinking and K-12 education.

  • February 2009: Su Wei concluded his 18-month visit to ICM and our WME group and returned to Lanzhou University. His visit is a very successful one and we will keep our research cooperation with him and others in China going strong now that he is back in China. Here are three pictures take with some of the WME members before his return. Picture one, two, three.



  • Saleh Al-shomrani and Dr. Paul Wang will be attending the University Teaching Council (UTC) local conference on Friday November 2nd at the Student Center at Kent State University.

  • Xun Li and Saleh Al-shomrani attended and participated in the 2007 Celebration of Scholarship (A&S Poster Session) on September 27, 2007, Kent State University.

  • Starting September 2007, Su Wei from Lanzhou University, PRC will be a visiting scholar to ICM and will be conducting WME related research with the WME team. Su Wei's stay at Kent State is expected to be two years.

  • Starting July 2007, The WME group members (in particular Paul Wang, Dean Zeller and Chris Green) are working with Beverley Reed and Andrew Tonge of the Department of Mathematics at Kent State University to improve and evolve the MathPASS college algebra tutoring system.

  • Michael Mikusa and Paul Wang have a meeting with people at the Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) in Columbus Ohio, the afternoon of Monday 6/25. They may present some of the demos from this page.

  • Paul Wang visited Lanzhou University (Lanzhou, May 24-27, 2007 pic 1, pic 2) and met with the Lanzhou WME group for a full day of research discussions.

  • Paul Wang visited the Academy of Sciences and the BUAA University (Beijing, June 2-5, 2007) to present an overview of the WME research.

  • Saleh is planning a presentation on DMAS in an Kent State University internal conference, Fall 2007

  • Su Wei of Lanzhou University (with several co-authors) has successfully submited a paper on MathEdit to International Multi-Symposiums on Computer and Computational Sciences 2007 (IMSCCS|07) The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA August 13 - 15, 2007


  • Aug. 25: Michael and Paul met with OBR (Ohio Board of Regents) and ORC (Ohio Resource Center) representatives and breif them about WME and discussed potential collaborations and funding in Columbus Ohio.

  • Su Wei of Lanzhou University (with several co-authors) has an accepteda paper on MathEdit in the 11th Asian Conference in Mathematics (ATCM 2006) to be held in Hong Kong, Dec 12-16, 2006.

  • Saleh, Xiao, Xun and Paul will attend and present papers at ICET 2006 (the Second IASTED International Conference on EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY), July 17-19, 2006 Calgary, Alberta, Canada. travel info pictures

  • The first part of June 2006, Paul visited Lanzhou University (pictures) and had extensive consultations with Prof. Li and his research group. The work on MathEdit and Mathematics Education Assessment has moved positively forward and continued cooperations have been discussed.

  • Michael and Paul met with Amy Andres of ODE (Ohio Department of Education) and others on July 12. At this meeting we will brief participants about WME, learn more about the ODE D3A2 project and discuss possible collaboration.

  • The WME project group conducted a comprehensive presentation for the Ohio Resource Center for Mathematics, Science, and Reading. The presentation took place the Thursday May 25, 2006.

  • Paul Wang and David Chiu attended the Fifth IASTED International Conference on WEB-BASED EDUCATION (WBE 2006), January 23-25, 2006 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and presented the paper An Approach for Interoperable and Customizable Web-based Mathematics Education. David Chiu was one of the four finalists in the Best Ph.D. presentation award competition (slides in pdf).


  • Michael has conducted a WME workshop in Dayton Ohio and collected feedback from about 12 teachers, (Oct. 13, 2005).

  • Fall semester: pilot classroom use of WME at the 8th grade level (Mr. Jacob Miller, Kimpton Middle School), 7th grade level (Mrs. Grace Dorene Ellis, Kimpton Middle School), and exploring WME application at the 6th grade level at Lakeview Elementary.

  • Exploring WME as an Ohio educational resource sponsored by the Ohio Board of Regents.

  • July 31: WME Tutorial Workshop by P. Wang and X. Lai (Pictures of this activity) at the 4th International Conference on Web-based Learning (ICWL 2005), 31st July - 3rd August , 2005 , Hong Kong SAR, China. (pdf slides) (pdf slides by Lai)

  • Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation (IAMC) 2005 Workshop, 24 July 2005, at ISSAC'05 (July 24-27), Beijing, China, P. Wang, organizer.

  • Paul gave an invited talk at ECCAD 2005, Ashland University, OH, March 12, 2005

  • Xun Lai has been given the OBR RA by the Department of Computer Science for the academic year starting Fall 2005. This is an honor well-deserved.

  • One April 11, Saleh Al-shomrani has received the 2005 Research Achievement award from the Kent State Graduate Student Senate!

  • P. Wang, S. Al-shomrani, D. Chiu, X. Lai, and X. Zou, attended IEEE SoutheastCon 2005 (An IEEE Regional Conference) April 8-10 2005 Sponsored by: Nova Southeastern University - & IEEE Broward Section

  • ECCAD 2005 Ashland University, Ohio--- Many from our group attended. ECCAD 2005

  • Thursday January 20, Michael presentation at the Research Center for Educational Technology meeting, 3:30 to 4:15 in 114 Moulton Hall, Kent State University.

  • Michael presented Web for Mathematics Education: New efforts to create flexible and easy to use tools for mathematics teachers at the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) Ninth Annual Conference Dallas , TX January 27 - 29, 2005.


Attending Conferences

Fall 2004 Trials at Kimpton

  • Jake's 8th grade in-class trials are on Mon. 11/22 Tues 11/26.

  • Dorene's in-class trials are on Mon. 9/27 Tues 9/28 Wed 9/29 Thurs 9/30 Tues 10/5 and Dorene is in Room 107.

Other Activities

  • We are considering submitting a paper to the call for CatalystOHIO Resources Technology Concept Papers. The CatalystOHIO Resources has many technology related resources for teachers.

  • Michael and Paul will visit NSF and Department of Education Sept. 17, 2004

  • Group meeting: Wednesday August 18, room 213 of the education building (White Hall) from 1 to 4 or we finish earlier.

  • Friday August 6, at 11:00 in room 213. Group meeting.

  • Thursday July 29. Group meeting at 3:30. Room 213. Prof. Keehong Song from Korea will participate.

  • Friday July 23 meeting in room 118 White Hall at 9--12 team to meet teachers to discuss progress on login, fractions, assessment, and measurement modules.

  • Thursday July 14 programming team meets at 4:00 in room 213 MSB to discuss ideas for login, fraction, assessment and measurement modules to be built for discussion on July 23.

  • Friday July 2 meeting in room 213 White Hall at 9AM to meet new teachers, discuss progress, and trip to Elizabethtown.

  • June 11 Friday, our team will met at 9:00 in room 118 White Hall (School of Education). discussed the teaching experiments at Kimpton together with the Middle school teachers and to plan for Summer/Fall activities.

  • Week of May 24: Michael, David, Xun, and Xiao visited Dorene's and Tim's classes. Dorene taught from the probabilities module and Tim the algebra module. This marks the first time middle school teachers use WME for math education.

  • Xun's SVG presentation (May 17, 2004) Power Point slides and some example pages:

  • Thursday March 11: David, Paul and some others of the team will visit Dorene's class between 11:00 and 1:00 to check out the computers to make sure what they have written will work for us next week and to answer any questons Dorene/Kim may have.

    Directions once at Kimpton: Just check in the office and then come up the center steps to the third floor and turn left and travel down the hall to room 310, Dorene's office.

  • The Percent Module will be in trial use at Kimpton the week of March 15. Three or four of us from the WME team will join Prof. Mikusa during the 11:25 to 12:35 or so Monday through Thursday to help and learn valuable lessons from this trial.