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DMAS: Distributed Mathematics Assessment System

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Milestones 2008

DMAS Presentation September 2008 (ppt slides)

WME-DMAS Tutorial (.doc) (.pdf)
DMAS Presentation March 2008 (ppt slides)

DMAS Work and Individual Tasks

Seq DMAS Work Schedule Work Status
1. Improving Authoring Tool. 01/2008 done
2. Improving Grading Administration System. 01/2008 done
3. Improving Test Taking Interface/View: ("Question at a time" and "Whole test"). 02/2008 done
4. Introducing Teacher-Student Interaction Mechanism (TSIM). 02/2008 done
5. Distributing exam codes electronically using TSIM. 03/2008 done
6. Writing DMAS Learning Conference paper 03/2008  
7. Integrating more external components (programs) into DMAS: MathEdit. 03/2008  
8. Integrating more external components (programs) into DMAS: geoSVG. 04/2008  
9. Improving DMAS System Interface to WME. 04/2008  
10. Piloting DMAS again at Kimpton Middle school and User Feedback. 04/2008  
11. Collecting feedback and suggestions from teachers and students to help evolve DMAS. 04/2008  
12. Add features and more improvements to DMAS system to generate performance statistics, to provide diagnostics and to suggest remedial materials. 05/2008  
13. Add 'Student Interface' for students to review their grades/performance. 05/2008  
14. Extend DMAS structure to have 3 to 4 school sites (databases) on different servers with fully working system. Add more questions, etc. 06/2008  
15. Introducing DMAS Web-Based Mathematical Answer/Expression Checking Service (WACS). 07/2008  
16. Automatic Grading and DMAS Answer-Checking Service (WACS). 07/2008  
17. Improving MAML (Mathematics Assessment Markup Language). 08/2008  

Milestones 2007

DMAS Presentation June2007 (ppt slides)  (pdf) format

DMAS Report for Summer 2007 (doc)  (pdf) format

DMAS Presentation June2007 (ppt slides)  (pdf) format
DMAS Presentation Apr2007 (ppt slides)  (pdf) format

Milestones 2006

DMAS Presentation Sep2006 (ppt slides)  (pdf) format
IASTED 2006 DMAD Presentation (ppt slides)  (pdf) format
2006 April Presentation (ppt)  (pdf) format

Milestones 2005

2005 November Presentation (ppt)  (pdf) format
- by End of August 05:
  • Planning for new Assessment (DMAD) objectives, features, and activities for Fall 2005.
- by End of September 05:
  • Take teacher's/expert's inputs into consideration and further improve DMAD.
  • Improve Security of the system (add test 'Ticket numbers' or any other good way).
- by End of October 05:
  • Modifying DMAD login system using 'test codes' uniquely/randomly generated for students instead of using (userid/password) is done.
  • Use accumulative submission/saving of student answers (new way) instead of submitting answers for assessment test questions all at once at the end of the test (old way).
- by End of November 05:
  • 'Test Re-take' is supported and only controlled by the teacher using two codes (code1, code2).
  • Modify Automatic grading to be done before the teacher reviews test tesults. Since any student can retake a test if authorized by her teacher.
- by End of December 05:
  • Interoperability with geoSVG tool is begun and DMAD can support assessment questions containning SVG.
  • Start planning/building a tentive 'Search method' interface for DMAD sites, using the 'light-weight' approach.
  • A prototype DMAD is ready for deployment in WME.

Milestones for Spring 05:

- by End of January 05:
  • Planning for new Assessment (DMAD) objectives, features, and activities for 2005.
- by End of February 05:
  • Display Assessment test results (by 'student' and by 'question') is completed, in addition to providing some useful and real-time statistics for teachers.
  • Add more questions to Kimpton school Assessment database.
- by End of March 05:
  • Attending the ECCAD conference in Asland University, Ohio.
  • Create new more sites (on eagle server), and add questions to their databases.
  • Consider the feedback and comments by school teachers and education experts.
  • The DMAD presentation slides and demos are ready for the IEEE Southeast 2005 Conference.
- by End of April 05:
  • Attending the IEEE Southeast 2005 conference and presenting the DMAD paper, Ft Lauderdale, Florida.
  • First step of WME system Integration is done. DMAD uses the same WME login system of the model site on eagle server instead of its own login system.
- by End of May 05:
  • A tentative version of DMAD is ready for trial by teachers.

Last update: April 16, 2007